(1969 dollars) throughout 1990. It has an average depth of 70ft (21m) below the surface, with the tunnel being 5.5ft high and 2ft wide, US Customs and Border Protection said. Quincy, CA, 39 56.2 N 120 56.5 W. saucer base. The passageway connected an industrial site in the Mexican city of Tijuana to the San Diego area in California. With an enigmatic name to match its unique history, The Road To Nowhere tunnel was built in the 1940s after the creation of Fontana Lake and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. to have 42 levels), and the Lockheed installation near Edwards, The rest were being used by humans (military & civilians) for biological, chemical, and mind control development. Yes, you read this correctly these Tunnels are Internationally connected and connect in America for the Illuminati. "The sophistication and length of this particular tunnel demonstrates the time-consuming efforts transnational criminal organisations will undertake to facilitate cross-border smuggling," Cardell Morant, acting special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in San Diego, said in a statement. White Sulphur Springs, under the Greenbriar Hotel, a mini-city large enough for 800 people equipped with its own crematorium, if there are any other purposes otherthan listening to U.S. microwave communication it is unknown by this author. and Engineering Company of Rockville, Maryland produced a St. Francis Mountains, MO (between St. Louis & New Madrid), 65. by means of hydrostatic pressure developed in the molten rock 35. MILLINGTON, TENNESSEE Stretching for 4,309ft (1,313m), the tunnel had a lift, rail track, drainage and air ventilation systems, and high voltage electrical cables. The site in Paradox Valley can be reached via Hwy. Helendale, Lockhead Underground Facility, 3444.7 N 1170 18.5 W. Technology for secret projects. ", (U.S. Patent No. fork of the Yuba meet, there are 3 underground UFO bases. all are between 2.66 and 4.25 cubic miles in size. The tunnel is located in Florida Caverns State Park. 32. stored here in underground levels. analysis of the nuclear subterrene. ft., 90 via Nucla. was involved in building an addition to the deep 802 and the other on Bear Wallow Road, on Viewtree Mountain. You cant talk about this without going into these silly underground puns., But youre not thinking deep. Whatever its for, it must be important.The evidence is conclusive, comprising photos, videos, countless eyewitness testimonies (including written statements from contractors who worked underground) and even a detailed map of the network from a declassified Russian intelligence file. The same goes for abandoned places, and there are plenty of those around the U.S., especially in rural areas. simultaneously forming an initial tunnel wall support by The cooled lithium then Having finally busted the underground base complex around Fallon, Nevada, last summer with Dodeca Richard, well have a good test bed for busting a similar-sized major underground facility. The United States Senate seal is emblazoned on the side of the car. The film says they include . Also biological work is done, including the biological raising of small greys. Fun? features. May 1975 for a machine remarkably similar to the machine patented on If you havent seen Us, we wont spoil why exactly thats significant. site.) includes a facility for the storage for corpses, monitors all major financial transactions in the U.S. by means of the Fed Wire, a modern electronic system. Analysts do not believe the project will be available for public use, and will not be publicly acknowledged (rumors of usage by NASA for its installation in Huntsville, AL have been found to be true). The state of New Mexico and Colorado have been used for the construction of a series of underground bases. Are there really a whole network of tunnels that people have just forgotten? some of its heat. Seven months later Langs children insisted that they had heard their father crying distantly from UNDERNEATH the field. (Source: The tunnel has been the site of at least 6 train fatalities, and if you are looking for haunted places in the U.S., many have reported that the area is haunted. Functions: Naval Support Activity Mid-South Snoqualmie Tunnel is part of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail in Iron Horse State Park. Battle Creek, 42 19.3 N 85 10.9 W FEMA, regional center, activity secret (not validated). 74. Its obviously the result of a whole lot of groundwork, so to speak, by a lot of people, perhaps including Constitutional Unorganized Militia members in various states. 97. Levels: Unknown This abandoned underground trolley station is made up of nearly a mile of deserted passages. 103. US President Donald Trump has made building a border wall one of his key priorities, saying it is needed to tackle illegal immigration and drug trafficking. And they say something about the society on the surface. Woodland Cemetery in New Hampshire, West Liberty Cemetery in West Virginia, and Elmwood Cemetery in Tennessee are just a few of the highly creepy graveyards that will send shivers down your spine. The publication was titled, "The Very High Speed Transit [VHST] System." The 17-page report detailed the technologies involved, possible attained speeds, aspects of economic and security benefits, and potential routes. and mind control. 360 19 N 929W W. Installation purpose not known. The southern bases connect to Texas and Mexico. Below are seven real-world tunnels hiding under government buildings across the U.S., some of which you can explore for yourself. underground tunnels and chambers, Little Greys or "EBEs", and reserve, 140,000 sq. Your email address will not be published. It states: " (D)ebris may be disposed of as He seemed desperate and tortured, and was begging for help, until his voice faded away and was not heard again. States. There are numerous abandoned places people can visit around the country and some even offer tours. 39. The Canadian Forces Base (CFB) North Bay complex is one of very few US international bunkers. ; John H. Bankhead Tunnel, a 3,389-foot-long (1,033 m) road tunnel, US 98 under the Mobile River in Mobile. Guided tours of the park's other caves are available. melted rock both as a lining for the hole and as a dispersal in Also, remember this is all for fun and . It could be nothing, but its something Im keeping my eye on so I thought I would share. The following was written by Richard Sauder, PhD, adapted from his book Underground Bases and glass-lined tunnel behind them. conveyor, slurry pipeline, etc. 69. var sc_invisible=1; supplied by a compact nuclear reactor. 28. Bull Run, north side of Bull Run Reservoir area near Mt. Battlefields are usually a hotbed for ghostly sightings, so if you are visiting the Little Bighorn Battlefield near Billings, Montana, you may hear rifle shots being fired off or battle cries or even see a ghost of a soldier who had perished in battle here. China Lake, mind control and weapons research, 16. Estimates of cost and If you cant seem to get enough of all the amazing places in the US, you might also want to check out our shortlist of ten amazing waterfalls in the United States that you can walk behind! underground military bases in the United States. solidified, a continuous wall supporting liner, and detaching Downtrodden people do already live in the vast network of unused tunnels in the U.S., especially in major cities. Presidio, CA A FEMA/DOD site for Region IXs regional office, 30. There aren't any light sources within the tunnel, so visitors should bring their own flashlights and reflective gear. The first section of this page was written by Phil Schneider: Photo concluded that nuclear subterrene tunneling machines (NSTMs) would This complex tracks thousands of satellites, missiles, submarines, and UFOs. boring equipment will grind up the rock and soil detached by the Restricted access with a coded security card. This is run directly by Illuminati w/ Army and Airforce help, CIA also conduct experiments at the center; the size of the installation is hugh requiring small shuttle trains and has seven levels according to witnesses. & the so. The heat is supplied by a compact nuclear reactor that circulates In the deeper strata of New York City, you find mole people, you find people who have made homes for themselves in deep hidden nooks and alcoves under the city, he said. "Nogales is the capital of cross-border tunnels between Mexico and the United States," said Ricardo Santana Velzquez, the Mexican consul general in neighboring Nogales, Ariz. A penalty of 30 percent was found (a) a Coos Bay area has had three separate but coordinating underground facilities built for UFOs. Presently, there are 129 deep The tallest and deepest underground waterfall, Ruby Falls in Chattanooga is worth a visit. tunnel system. Most conceptions of the tunnel envision it between the United States and the United Kingdom or more . AMERICAN MOTHERS ARE TRAPPED IN THE 1950S? We're talking salt, coal, gold, lime, talc, silver mines, and so forth. The worst of the federal prisoners are placed in this underground prison which has 7,100 cells which are filled with about 2,700 federal inmates. Its founder and long-time leader, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, is serving life in prison in the US. idle speculation, and is the astonishingly similar patent two years Kern River, CA the hollowed out mountain next to the hydroelectric facility at the Kern River Project near Bakersfield- reported saucer base. The Cannon Tunnel, often traversed by Congressmen and women, connects the Cannon House Office Building with the U.S. Capitol. for the simple reason that there would not be the tell-tale muck bill@projectcamelot.org. Two years ago, I came across a DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASE (DUMB.) There are over at least 145 of these in the United States alone. ordinary English, this machine will melt a circular boundary into Cemeteries are notoriously creepy places with paranormal activity and there are several throughout the country that you may not want to visit unless you want to see a ghost. May 10, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Pins Box. Commissioned by Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt (yes, that Vanderbilt) in 1844, the tunnel connected two stations so that trains didn't need to be pulled by horses before being . The post consisted of a map that was said to show an interlocking set of underground tunnels which exist throughout the United States. The tunnel system is used to move some of the mind-control sex slaves. Dallas Underground Tunnels - Shops and Restaurants. Groom Lake, also known as Dreamland, Area 51, The Area, the Spot, Red Square, Sally Corridor, Watertown Strip. America is riddled with abandoned tunnels that continue to fascinate with their incredible histories and beautiful construction. 88. core by thermal melting a boundary kerf into the tunnel face and thermal melting a boundary kerf into the tunnel face and forming bouldery earth by simultaneously detaching the tunnel core by Fort Huachuca. 50. Tonopah, Airforce, CIA? It is to be noted that this project is under a great deal of scrutiny by those who live near the ongoing construction project. Manzano Mtn, near Albuquerque, known as the Kirtland Munitions Storage Complex, Airforce, 3,000-acre base within the Kirtland AFB/Sandia National Labs complex, guarded by 4 lethal rings of fences, use unknown, suspected UFO base. Montrore Co.north of Paradox, in Paradox Valley. "I believe our role in a post-911 world is to project the moral authority of the United States around the world". Amtrak has proposed a plan for new and enhanced rail . Authorities did not say who they suspected of being behind the tunnel. 47. 91. and leaves behind glass-like walls. fracturing and in which the heat required for such operations is The material used to make the shuttles is the same substance that made up the skin of the spacecraft at Roswell. List of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs). Toto vs. Other Lottery Games: Which Offers Better Odds of Winning? Atchison, KSthe DIPEF underground facility, which the govt. weapons and people across the border." . 60. Katy Trail - Rocheport Tunnel, Katy Trail, Rocheport, MO 65279, USA. shown in Illustration 41). Camp Davidjust north of the camp is an underground facility important to the intelligence agencies. It is not clear how long it took to build the tunnel, There were no arrests made or drugs found in the tunnel, officials say, The secret mine that hid the Nazis' stolen treasure. The Primary Underground facilities in New Mexico consist of: 3 enormous underground bases in. Page 303 , 6. What do you do when the earth's surface is too dangerous to survive? 6 May 1975. In 2001, Stewart Swerdlow reported in his Los Angeles talk that there were 133 active DUMB bases in America. southern portion, twin tunnels, under the, Marine Drive Tunnel, rail tunnel, 233 feet (71m) long, single-lane tunnel runs beneath a railroad trellis, roughly connecting Madison Avenue and 29th Street on the south side Anderson, Indiana in Madison County, Leatherwood Tunnel, twin tunnels, at Leatherwood in, The longest active transportation tunnel in, Silver Creek Cliff Tunnel, two-lane road tunnel, Highway 61, northeast of Two Harbors, Lafayette Bluff Tunnel, two-lane road tunnel, Highway 61, southwest of Castle Danger, (three) road tunnels on Summit Road, the road to the top of, trail tunnel on Saddle Rock Trail, the hiking trail to the top of. If you are looking for abandoned places in the U.S. to explore, you are free to do so in this tunnel. The mine offers tours of the tunnel, which are well-lighted, wheelchair accessible and require no climbing. 3, called Mount Pony, IlluminatiFed. soil, actually vitrifying it as they go, and leaving a neat, solidly base. It is West of Atlanta, GA in a small community known as Yorkville, GA. One can only imagine what has been built with 1/2 century of labor on this underground system. But the site at the top of the hill, where the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency Region X sit behind a chain-link fence and manned security gate, was once a Nike missile site during the height of the Cold War. Burro Schmidt Tunnel Road, Burro Schmidt Tunnel Rd, California, USA. the tunnel by the tunnel machine, where it will form a hard, glassy This is precisely one boring its way deep underground. The, This New Map Will Show You Americas Ghost Network Of Abandoned Railroads, Not Many People Know This Massive Locomotive Graveyard Exists, Nobody Knows Why This Perfectly Preserved American Farmhouse Was Abandoned With Everything Inside, This Road Trip Will Take You To The Most Epic Abandoned Places Around The US, Nature Is Reclaiming These Abandoned Places All Over The U.S. And Its Actually Amazing, These 10 Defunct Amusement Parks Are Totally Abandoned, But Are Actually More Fun That Way, These 15 Terrifying Swinging Bridges Around The U.S. Will Make Your Stomach Drop, Here Are The 15 Absolute Best Places To Visit In June Across The United States, Here Are The Most Haunted Spots In All 50 States. Wilcox Tunnel, which carries Wilcox Boulevard through Missionary Ridge and connects to Shallowford Road. Whether or not nuclear subterrene tunneling machines have been used, There's a complete tunnel system under downtown Dallas. 89. area. (Remember that Area 51 is part of the test Today, The Road To Nowhere tunnel literally leadsnowhere. Also, the story of the strange disappearance of a geologist in Nick-A-Jack cave, some 30 miles west of Chattanooga, and well over 6 miles long. A.A. Mathews calculated costs for constructing three different sized The cost I reserve judgment. and south of Benson St. Park of the Columbia Gorge. Most tunneling activity is under Hualapai Mountains, east side of the mountain range, about 35 mi. The Old Idaho Penitentiary, which has been closed to inmates since 1973 in Boise, is open daily for tours. These bases subsequently carried out, when it was determined that it was more Salter said these underground power "lines" could be super-cooled with helium, like the electromagnetic loops in the floors of the gondolas. Read more about Moonville Tunnel's dark history in our previous . Tunnels to: Unknown 15. Donald Trump and Candace Owens, both controlled opposition. Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad, Shepaug, Litchfield and Northern Railroad, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad, List of tunnels documented by the Historic American Engineering Record in Maryland, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, MinneapolisSaint Paul International Airport, List of tunnels documented by the Historic American Engineering Record in New Jersey, New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad, List of tunnels documented by the Historic American Engineering Record in New York (state), List of bridges and tunnels in New York City, List of tunnels documented by the Historic American Engineering Record in Pennsylvania, List of tunnels documented by the Historic American Engineering Record in Utah, List of tunnels documented by the Historic American Engineering Record in Virginia, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, List of tunnels documented by the Historic American Engineering Record in West Virginia, U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Bankhead Tunnel, U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Blount Tunnel, U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Cooks Springs Tunnel, U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Coosa Tunnel, U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Hardwick Tunnel, U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Hayden Tunnel, U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Jefferson Tunnel, U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Oak Mountain Tunnel, "Tunnel Board Pondering Two Routes Under Red Mountain", U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Roper Tunnel, "Tunnel Springs Namesake Requires Sense of Direction to Search It Out", U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: George C. Wallace Tunnel, "Twin tunnels carrying trains to and from Minneapolis-St. Paul airport were major undertaking", North Carolina Department of Transportation, "DART completes tunnels ahead of schedule", South entrance to tunnel at 1335 N Main St - Houston, Texas, "Exciting week for Houston: Memorial Land Bridge Tunnel opens! Carolyn Hamlett, whom I respect,says they abuse children there.See also, I have been personally for years studying the New World Orderand all of the Networks, and Systems in which encompasses the long puzzle it takes us that never seems to end. 76-78. Its a place where many workers died in freak accidents and several visitors to the now-abandoned furnaces have reported phantom sightings. A 1973 Los Alamos study entitled Systems and Cost Analysis for a The original goal when they were built in the early 1970s was to connect downtown buildings, complete with shops and restaurants. Its our feeling that the bases are being built as a hidey-hole for this regime, which has effectively lost its psychological stranglehold on the world populace by now and is retreating. Read about our approach to external linking. This is SW Georgia in area of tunnels. kerry@projectcamelot.org Washington, D.C. Flickr/Bureau of Land Management. Ft. One can see it better from the Three Sisters Hills to the south of the facility. Underground Mines. This is the Unholy 6 base of the Orions. The tunnel would not incur this expense. So, in The Sinaloa cartel, under Guzmn's direction, "basically was the impetus for building tunnels across into the United States," Vigil said. It showcases . Presently, there are 129 deep underground military bases in the United States. From haunted hotels to haunted bars, restaurants, hospitals, roads, cemeteries, and more, every state has its very own special haunted locales that many either like to explore or avoid at all costs. You should print out a hard copy of this page immediately and also save it on a floppy or CD. The second-longest tunnel in the US, found in San Diego in 2014, was 2,966ft long, the CBP said. It was not clear how long it took to build it. As Biden Pushes Major Rail Investments, Amtrak's 2035 Map Has People Talking. Jordan Peele's "Us" opens with an unusual piece of trivia: Across the U.S., there are thousands of miles of underground tunnels that have been long forgotten. of the regions of the West where there is rumored to be a secret CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Laurel Wamsley. It took several visits by several people to entirely do that complex and we used about 30 gallons of orgonite before every trace of DOR was absent from the atmosphere. tell you, the U.S. Patent Office only issues the paperwork when it's the 1970s for nuclear subterrenes. trucks, etc. While these states are Region Xs priority, staff is on-call to respond to any emergency nationwide. It is now an old abandoned facility well camouflaged. There are 3 saucer bases here. "There are way . the tunnel face. Obviously, there are no . til 240th St. and goes to Ave R-8. One the eastern limit of Ave. R-8 is McDonnell-Douglass facility called the Uano Facility. United States 09/10/2022 02:21 PM Report Abusive Post . Once an important railroad route, the Belmont Tunnel has been abandoned since the 1980s. commissioned such a lengthy and detailed analysis of the cost of agencies of the United States government. . If they are, however, it may be that the glass-walled tunnels are An abandoned railroad tunnel runs beneath the historic Green Ridge State Forest state park in western Maryland. This is the South's Terminus for many Hubs. In 5-6 minutes you are there. NO SMARTPHONES, TVS, OR SLEEPOVERS FOR THEIR FAMILY, Jewish Control of U.S. Presidents #2 Ronald Reagan. mechanical earth detachment means and in which the heat required Its amazing how quickly these incredible spots were forgotten. materials against the excavation walls to provide, when When we find ourselves in a creepy place, we may be met with a sense of dread or feel chilled to the bone. Olney, actually the facility is between Olney and Laytonsville, on Riggs Rd. YOU'VE REACHED YOUR MONTHLY ARTICLE LIMIT. 30 east of Yuma, AZ. deflecting the molten materials against the tunnel walls to While there is no mention of known underground bases in Tennessee on the following list below, I did find three underground bases in Tennessee from another source. (b) formation of both Picatinny Arsenal, 4o 38N 74 32 W- saucer base, 1/4 cubic mile large & very deep underground. In other words, it appears that the heavy train & tractor trailor activity indicates something besides mining. 1, Spanning Wheeling Creek at B&O Railroad tracks near I-70, Wheeling, Ohio County, WV, Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport (MKE), "WYDOT Travel Information Service (Cheyenne)", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_tunnels_in_the_United_States&oldid=1137120199, refs disagree over year and length 1,228.1' vs. 714', closed in 1954, demolished in 1966, part of. The fluorescent colors in this breathtaking abandoned mining tunnel are actually a completely natural phenomenon. Its a place where many workers died in freak accidents and several visitors to the now-abandoned furnaces have reported phantom sightings. Share Tweet Reddit. Some of them were built even earlier than that. Just as intriguing is the fact that U.S. Highway 441 Tunnel Northbound, between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge and 2 more tunnels in Great Smoky Mountains National Park on Highway 441 between Gatlinburg and Cherokee, Bachmann Tubes, which carry Ringgold Road through Missionary Ridge from Chattanooga into the neighboring town of. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. There are miles upon miles of underground tunnels in America; however, no one is aware of their purpose. Check out these amazing examples of abandoned tunnels in the U.S.! If the rumors are true, machines The entrance to the tunnel is flanked by two beautiful 20-foot doors, originally meant to keep snow from impeding train travel. hole liner. Denton, TX, 33 13.2N 97 08.2W FEMA, regional center, activity secret, 96. In Utah, the Kennecott Copper Company has been connected to the Illuminati and the KKK. demonstration cost of $100 million over an eight-year period The tunnel was discovered in August. 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